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General info

Here you can find more information about the general guidelines we follow both at Restaurant Kommandanten and generally at Kristiansten Fortress. As well as information about parking, facilities, guiding and conditions.

In the picture below you see an overview of the places on Kristiansten fortress that are relevant to the restaurant

Kristiansten Festning Kart

Lost and found

Contact us if you have forgotten or lost something in the fortress area or a restaurant visit.

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The salute is an honorary award that consists of firing a certain number of shots with gunfire from cannon ships or fortress.

It usually shoots 21 shots. For important events in the royal house, double king's salute is given, which is twice 21 shots. In the case of deaths in the royal house, parental leave is given with 21 shots. There are 5 seconds between shots in regular salute, 30 seconds in mourning and 1 minute between shots in double salute.

Dates for salutes

  • 21. february - H.M. King Harald's birthday
  • 08. may - Liberation day for second world war, 1945
  • 17. may - Constitution day (1814)
  • 07. june - Union resolution from Sweden in 1905.
  • 04. july - H.M. Queen Sonja's birthday
  • 20. july - H.K.H. Crown prince Haakon's birthday
  • 19. august - H.K.H. Crown princess Mette-Marit's birthday
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General guidelines

If you are considering or have already booked a company with us, please read through our terms and conditions before you start planning

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