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Meeting and conference

At Kristiansten Festning we have several premises that are very suitable for both small, medium and large gatherings. At smaller gatherings, we can offer the smallest, but the coziest casemates (the rooms along the walls). Or if it's a bigger banquet then the old Haubitz magazine is great as this room has room for both stage and it's own bar.

It is also possible to hold simple meetings in the restaurant if you are fewer than 25 people. This can be a great alternative in quiet surroundings, with a short distance to the kitchen and outdoor seating.

Dagpakke – møte og konferanse – 550,-

Min 15 pers All days:
Kaffe, te og isvann tilgjengelig

2x pause servings, including 1 with fruit and one with cake

Hot lunch in the restaurant


The kitchen puts together "day packages" with coffee, mineral water, fruit and break tea. We also provide lunch whether you want hot food or sandwiches - so you don't have to make important decisions on an empty stomach.

Please end the meeting with a better dinner with us. We wash up with everything from 3 to 5 course as desired. See our menu for more information.

We also gladly help with guided tours of the facility, entertainment and activities for e.g teambuilding and kick offs