Local produce

Our goal is to create unpredictable food and drink experiences that are created with both inspiration and love.

The restaurant therefore serves almost exclusively food from Trøndelag, with great emphasis on quality and availability.

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The commander's residence

Even though Kristiansten's commander originally lived in the Donjon, today's commanding residence appears to have been built in the 1690s as an independent timber building, most likely as a guardhouse. The modest commanding house was, almost 100 years later, decorated with "4 very small rooms and a small kitchen", it has also been used since then as a guardhouse, service residence, laboratory in 1916-17 and radio station in 1931.

Today it is the headquarters of Restaurant Kommandanten. Here we offer good food and drink experiences on Trondheim's roof, with local food from our county. Here you can relax in the sun by our popular outdoor seating, watch the sunset over Trondheim in festive companies, or enjoy a good meal inside the restaurant.